Hello, friends! I hope you are filled with joy, optimism, and hope as we enter the new year. 🙂 With God, nothing is impossible. Go for that promotion, have faith for that healing, and trust God with your whole heart. He has special plans in store as we continue to seek and follow Him. Let […]

Great news! I’ve added a new feature to my blog (drumroll please): BOOK REVIEWS! As my first victim—I mean guest—I’ve chosen Just Let Go, by Courtney Walsh. Several months ago, I decided I’d like to read more inspirational romance novels in order to support other Christian authors and be more knowledgeable about that genre. That’s […]

PREVIOUSLY: You are at a dinner party that is nothing like you planned. Instead of meeting Mr. and Mrs. Parsley—a prestigious couple who recently moved to a mansion on the outskirts of town—you found yourself witness to the abduction of Betty Cronk! Based on some hints from last time, you think her abductor could possibly […]

RECAP OF PARTS 1 AND 2: It’s the quintessential dark, stormy night. You’re at a dinner party hosted by a prestigious couple whom you’ve never met. Currently, you’re sitting in the dining room accompanied by Betty Cronk (whose voice sounds like a hen) and her husband. Just a moment ago, lightning flashed, and the lights […]

Incessant drops of rain hammer the carriage ceiling as you anxiously await your arrival at the Parsleys’ dinner party. If it weren’t for the prestigious nature of the event, and the fact that it’s your first invitation, you would’ve stayed home. The agitation of being hauled along a rough road in a horse-drawn carriage is […]