I am passionate about sharing the love of Jesus and equipping others for success. It would be my pleasure to work with your team or organization in any of the following areas:

  • The Breaking Series:
    • Breaking Shame: The Healing Power of God’s Forgiveness
    • Breaking Identity Crisis: Who God Says You Are
    • Breaking Free: Beginning a New Life in Christ
  • Dynamic Team Turn Around: Eight regularly spaced, hour-long sessions in which I coach your team through the content and application of Where’s My Change? strategies. This can occur during team lunch if desired.
  • Finding Your Reason: How to identify the deeper benefits of your job and use them to foster excitement.
  • Outstanding Customer Service: Learn how to WOW your customers and create an exceptional experience that keeps them coming back.

If you would like additional information regarding these services, or to schedule a consultation for your business, please contact me HERE.

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