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Lindfield East Community Garden

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Our mission is to support and empower local gardening efforts and give the community an opportunity to grow healthy, organic food.


Your generous donation helps our nonprofit support the local community gardens and gardeners!


Whether a short-term event, project, or longer-term commitment, we welcome you to join the effort.

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Our members range from first-time gardeners to master gardeners happy to share their knowledge.

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News & Events

  • Danger: Cliff Ahead

    Danger: Cliff Ahead

    Imagine you’re driving down a road that is shrouded in darkness. You don’t necessarily notice how dark it is because the road is all you’ve known. There is so much traffic that you’ve come to accept that this road is THE road. As your car chugs along, you think you see where the path is…

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  • Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?

    Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?

    For many, Easter is a holiday set aside to celebrate the incredible sacrifice and victory of Jesus. The Bible explains how Jesus died a gruesome, horrific death on the cross—His innocent body beaten and bruised on our behalf. He lived a perfect life and CHOSE to die, so that we can be forgiven of our…

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