Unwrapping Kingdom Benefits

I had the privilege of reading Kingdom Benefits: Advantages of a New Life with Christ by Diane Burke. As someone with a heart for evangelism, I’m thankful this book exists. For the most part, each chapter focuses on a wonderful benefit of a relationship with Jesus. It takes us through relationship, prayer, the Bible, love, peace, joy, forgiveness, faith, healing, freedom, wisdom, gifts, eternal life, counting the cost, and making a decision.

The author is a missionary and ordained minister who has walked with Jesus for many years. Not only does she teach from a place of knowledge, but she speaks from her experience walking with Jesus. She listens to the voice of God and writes according to His direction.

I highly recommend this book. It’s 110 pages, making it excellent for a book study and a GREAT resource for churches to offer members. I ask you to prayerfully consider if you have a friend(s) who could benefit from this book. Perhaps they’re unsure what a life with Jesus looks like or what it means to follow Christ. Maybe you, or someone you know, has made the decision to follow Jesus and is eager to learn more. This book is full of valuable insights and loving guidance for your walk with Christ.

Kingdom Benefits sells for $9.99 on amazon. To purchase, click here.

For more information about Kingdom Benefits and Diane Burke Ministries, visit her website here.