More Charm? Yes, Please!

Great news! I’ve added a new feature to my blog (drumroll please): BOOK REVIEWS! As my first victim—I mean guest—I’ve chosen Just Let Go, by Courtney Walsh.

Several months ago, I decided I’d like to read more inspirational romance novels in order to support other Christian authors and be more knowledgeable about that genre. That’s when I found, Just Let Go. How can you resist that gorgeous cover? Beautiful pink flowers? Yes, please…and pink isn’t even my favorite color!

Diving inside, Courtney Walsh does a skillful job of helping us visualize the small town of Harbor Pointe. It’s so charming, I kind of want to visit (but it might be a little too cold for me). To be honest, I expected a romance story where the girl meets guy, they aren’t sure at first, then they get together at the end. (I’m not going to tell you what actually happens, because that would be a definite spoiler!) Let’s just say, there’s much more to it than that. Grady—a struggling skier, has his own story when he arrives in Harbor Pointe. The leading lady, Quinn, has goals, dreams, and a plan of her own. Although the romance is an important part of the story, there are other issues to be resolved and lessons to be learned.

As a fitness enthusiast, I appreciate the athletic aspect of Grady’s character and understand the commitment it takes to excel at a sport. And Quinn? Well, you’ll just have to meet her. 😉

Overall, I enjoyed Just Let Go. You know you like a book when you’re ready for another chapter at the end. I’ve put more Courtney Walsh books on my Christmas list, so we’ll see if Santa sneaks anything under the tree.  Christmas Tree

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