A Mysteriously Romantic Debut

Get transported to the 1920s in Above the Fold, a historical romance in which danger lurks around every street corner. Elissa, desperate to prove herself as a journalist, competes for the big story, taking risks to get a print-worthy lead. When her old flame returns to town, she finds not only her life, but her heart in jeopardy.

I don’t read many historical romances, but I enjoyed this story. One of my favorite things about this inspirational piece is the interwoven mystery. Have I ever mentioned that I like mysteries? I appreciated meeting suspects, hearing motives, and learning important details.

Amidst the suspense to discover who killed the inventor/millionaire, Mr. Shelby, we are immersed in Elissa and Cole’s love story. After the way he hurt her, can she give him a second chance?

Rachel uses a thoughtful blend of suspense, historical elements, and romance to create a valuable story about identity. I like the way she addresses topics such as self-worth, failure, and addiction, pointing to Jesus as the only one Who can set us free.

If you’re looking for a clean, historical romance with suspense and heart, take a journey to Pittsburgh in Above the Fold.

Above the Fold

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