A Secret to Good Decisions

Good decisions are made before the opportunity for action arises. For example: If you decide to get up early every morning to workout, when your alarm goes off, don’t re-evaluate the decision. When the time for action comes, emotions and temporary “wants” can try to interfere. Let the volume of your determination be unwavering and drown out excess noise.

The same holds true for many decisions in life. Good choices can be made before you’re tempted. Then, when temptation comes, you know how to respond. It’s somewhat like studying for a test. When you are faced with a question to which you know the answer, you write the answer on the test. If you start second-guessing yourself, things can get confusing and you may end up questioning whether you ever really knew the answer at all.

Is there something with which you’re struggling?

Do you constantly find yourself making the same mistake?

Is there a positive habit you’d like to start or a change you’d like to make?

If so, before you are faced with the situation again, decide how you will respond. Make your decision now, and when the opportunity for action arises, follow through. You can also apply this to boundaries in a romantic relationship. Before your date, decide where your boundaries are and don’t let anyone pressure you into crossing those boundaries. Identifying your boundaries beforehand is crucial in preventing them from being crossed. If you don’t know where the stop sign is, how will you know where to stop?

Achieving goals, maintaining boundaries, and establishing new habits can be a challenge, but positive change is worth the effort. Before the opportunity for action arises, make your choice. Study the answer to the question, and when the test comes, write it down without allowing external factors to make you second-guess your positive resolve. Make your good decision and follow through.


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