Out of the Embers

Out of the Embers, by Amanda Cabot, wasn’t quite what I expected. The cover is beautiful, and Cabot does a nice job describing the charming down of Mesquite Springs. From the kind townspeople, to the gorgeous wildflowers, we understand this to be the perfect home for the heroine, Evelyn.

When it comes to suspense, I was expecting a bit more. After reading the back of the book, I anticipated tension and suspense from beginning to end. In my opinion, the book got off to a slow start and continued that pace for a while. Things seemed to pick up towards the middle-ish, with much more excitement in the final third. When I got to the part where things started coming together, and the danger was more immediate, it was quite a page-turner.

In my opinion, this read was longer than it needed to be. There were some scenes in the first two thirds that did not seem essential to the story and might have contributed to the slow pace. They were sweet scenes, mind you, but perhaps not entirely neceOut of the Embersssary.

A positive component of Evelyn’s story is her love for Polly, a young orphan girl for whom she cares deeply. It was also cool to see a miracle in the book (though I won’t reveal what it was). Miracles are consistent with Who God is. He does miracles, and what is impossible with man is possible with God.

***I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.***

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