Deception, Clues, & Breakthroughs

This was my first time reading one of Tom Threadgill’s novels, and I’m glad I did. Collision of Lies focuses on a tragic “accident” that happened several years ago. A freight train collided with a bus of children, sparking a derailment and massive explosion. The case was closed, the parents grieved. There was no indication that anything different might have happened, that is, until the mysterious text message.

Detective Amara Alvarez is in the right place at the right time when she encounters the first of a series of clues that suggest the accident might not be what it seems.

Although I’m not sure how much Threadgill already knew about the detective world, I imagine an impressive amount of research went into this novel. Not only was I engaged in the mystery, but it felt like I was learning about the detective / FBI world. Some of the clues are very technical, and the characters do a good job explaining what things mean while holding true to their personalities. Speaking of personalities, I liked how Threadgill depicted his characters: their banter, snacking habits, etc. I think one of my favorites is an FBI agent (but I won’t say too much about her so I don’t give anything away)! She’s smart, confident, and super cool.

As far as suspense goes, Threadgill seems to have mastered the art of ending chapters on the right note, prompting you to turn the page and keep reading.

There wasn’t much reference to God in this novel, but the language was clean. Amara worked another case at the beginning—a series of break-ins—the outcome of which was somewhat disturbing, but overall, I think this book was a good read.

If you’re interested in following the investigation of a strong female detective (seriously, she works out and knows her way around a punching bag) who owns a unique pet, consider checking out Collision of Lies.

***I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.***

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