Hope in the Abyss: A Book Review of LIFE REMODELED

Perhaps you’ve heard it said, “You’re never too far gone.” You smiled at the hope-filled words, but then reality struck. Could this really be true? Maybe the people who go about declaring such optimistic things haven’t hit rock bottom. Perhaps they haven’t made the mistakes you’ve made; they’ve never been on the edge, looking down into an abyss, and took that final step.

Those people haven’t found themselves free-falling in a hopeless void.

Maybe others aren’t too far gone, but these days, you feel way beyond saving. Sure, you’d like to be saved, but it seems impossible. Someone with a fancy jetpack would need to dive into the void, find you, and carry you back to solid ground.

Folks, that precisely what God did for Mark Taylor (metaphorically speaking). After years of calling the shots, Mark found his business on the brink of devastation. The mess spiraled into his personal life, wreaking havoc on the things he held dear. Eventually, he hit rock bottom, and everything seemed dark. Perhaps, he too felt beyond saving.

No one is too far gone for Jesus. There is no heart too broken that He can’t make new. Don’t believe it? Just ask Mark. You can read all about his journey in Life Remodeled, by Mark Taylor & Chip Rice, with Jeannie Taylor. In it, Mark shares his testimony about how God transformed his life from the foundation up. It’s an impactful story of God’s redemptive power. Plus, the study guide in the back helps you contemplate personal application and is great for discussion groups.

If you’re feeling hopeless, tired, or like each decision you make turns out wrong, check out Mark’s book. Through Jesus, you too can have a life remodeled.

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You can pick up a copy of Mark and Chip’s book HERE.

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