Hello, Victory

I’ve been reading in the Biblical book of Esther lately, which is a powerful story of God’s perfect timing and deliverance.

Around chapter 3, things aren’t looking good for the Jewish people.

Esther 43

The Jews were devastated when the decree came that they would all be destroyed. DESTROYED! The day of their destruction was set, but God had other plans.

After doing some really cool things, God allowed an opportunity for the Jews to assemble and defend themselves against those who might attack them.

When this deliverance was provided, there was gladness among them:

Esther 816

As the book of Esther continues, the Jews go on to victory.

Bringing It Together

God was not surprised by what happened. He wasn’t thrown off and confused when the evil plot transpired. In fact, He already had a plan to provide deliverance to the Jewish people. He turned a time of sorrow into one of joy.

God is awesome. He sees the big picture. As we follow and obey Him, we can trust that He will bring victory. He already has it.

Let’s not allow appearances to trouble our hearts. Even if things seem dark, know that in Christ Jesus, we are overcomers. Praise Him now. Thank Him for victory, for nothing is impossible with God.

1 Thessalonians 516

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