Someone’s Into You

Someone’s into you—and not just ANY someone, THE someone. The someone Who Someone's Into You Thoughtconstantly thinks about you, Who wants to hold you, walk with you, talk with you, and share in every moment with you. This someone knows everything about you. He knows your darkest secrets, your insecurities, and your struggles. While knowing, His love never changes. Not only that, but He sees the burdens you carry, and wants you to cast them upon Him instead. He wants to take away your aches and pains, your doubts and fears, and fill you with peace, joy, and love.

Yep—that someone is SO into you.

Although His love is steadfast, something you do hurts that someone. It separates you from Him. Although you might not realize it, by doing this thing, you push Him away.

What is it?

It’s sin. You see, this someone is perfect, holy, righteous, and freaking AWESOME! He is so good, and in order to be with Him, we need to be good too. Bad—evil—cannot be with Him. So, if we have evil inside of us, we cannot be with Him either.

What is sin? It’s anything that goes against God’s instructions for life. It goes against His will and leads to pain, heartache, and destruction. Lying, cheating, stealing, killing, sexual immorality, and coveting are some examples of sin. God speaks truth. He is honest, upright, and just. He wants the very best life for us, and in order to provide that, He gives us commands to follow—blueprints for a holy life. As in any relationship, we have freedom to behave how we want. When we act sinfully—which includes thoughts (anger, hatred, lust)—we push God away and open the door to sin’s hurtful outcome: pain, sorrow, disease, etc.

Yep, sin is terrible, and we all have done it. We’ve pushed God away and created a gap between us—a large divide that we cannot cross on our own. The penalty for sin is death. If we live and die in sin, we remain separated from God for eternity.


But guess what?

Have you ever seen a romantic movie in which the hero does an incredible gesture to show someone they care? Well, God did something so remarkable, so outstandingly incredible, that people have been talking about it for thousands of years!

Do you want to know what He did? Brace yourself.

God saw us in our sin and still loved us. We pushed Him away, but He didn’t give up on us. He wanted to bridge the gap so we could be with Him—live with Him, walk with Him, know Him, love Him. But we deserved to die.

So, what did He do?

God sent His only Son, Jesus, to earth. After living a perfect life, Jesus died so that we could be forgiven. When we, sinners, deserved to die, Jesus—who was holy and did nothing wrong—died in our place so we could live.

This is where the orchestra might enter with sad music. The hero died for the one He loved, but…it wasn’t over.

*Cue exciting drums and dancing violins*

Although the hero died, He rose from the dead and is alive today! Alive, and ready to be with His beloved: you.

Jesus bridged an unfathomable gap so that you could be with God.


Someone's Into You Bridge

He saved the day! He’s the Savior! We can choose to receive Him—our Savior—as the one who paid the penalty for our sin and rose again. This is the first step in having a relationship with God. By accepting Jesus, we can be forgiven for our sins and return to good standing with God. We can leap into His loving arms and have the BEST relationship ever!!

This romance story can have a happy ending, but it’s your call. Are you ready to turn away from your old way of living, and start a new life with Jesus? The hero died for you, and is alive again, ready to offer you love, hope, peace, and eternal life. What do you do? Choose Him. Accept His goodness. And follow His ways.

If you want to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you can pray this prayer:

Salvation Prayer 2

Perhaps you’re thinking, “This is wonderful! I have Jesus in my heart. What do I do next?”

Step 1: Find a church family. This is a caring group of people who love God and will lovingly support you in your new life with Jesus.

Step 2: Begin reading the bible. Not only can God speak to you through it, but it will help you get to know Him better. Consider starting in Mark. ( is an excellent resource if you want to read online).

Step 3: Concerning how to live, someone asked Jesus which commandment is the greatest, to which Jesus responded:

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the great and foremost commandment. The second is like it, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’

Matthew 22:37b-39

Love God with all of your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. Start there. God will guide you in this journey. He will show you what steps to take and will hold you in His loving arms.

He’s that remarkable someone Who is SO into you. Trust Him. He will never abandon you.

His love is everlasting.


someone who worships that Someone and experiences His awesomeness every day 

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