Workplace Confrontation

In the workplace, or at home, we may not always understand the decisions of others. Perhaps we find ourselves starting to wonder, “What was he or she thinking?”

Instead of getting caught in negativity, extend grace. Be loving, even in situations we might not understand. By acting from a place of love, we keep our motives in the right place.

If the situation warrants a conversation, instead of going on the offensive, start by asking questions to help gain a better understanding. If we’re feeling upset by something that happened, instead of approaching a colleague with, “You did this,” or “You did that,” we can consider starting with one of the following:

“Do you have time for me to ask you a question?”

“Do you mind walking me through x, y, z?”

“Do you mind sharing your process with me?”

Please keep in mind that beginning conversations with, “Why did you ______?” can also come across as accusatory. Putting others on the defensive can prevent a productive dialogue from taking place.

When we walk in love, our tone, words, and actions show value to others. We don’t seek to start a fight, but to find constructive solutions. Care helps spark cooperation.

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