Hello, everyone! I hope you experienced God’s peace and comfort this Memorial Day weekend as we remembered those who’ve fought for our country. My heart is moved by the selfless sacrifice of those brave men and women. What they did is an act of love for which I am immensely grateful.

♥          ♥          ♥

In addition to writing, I enjoy playing guitar. I began learning in college after purchasing a beginner’s lesson book, which taught basic notes and chords. One of my primary motivations was to obtain the skills to play guitar along with lyrics I wrote. For years, writing songs was a way of overcoming heartache, processing challenges, and expressing my heart to God. The end of most songs included a resolution that God is all I need.

The first video I’m sharing with you today includes a word about distractions and holding on to God, as well as the chorus from a song written several years ago. I hope this ministers to your heart.

God is all we need. We can confidently place our trust in Him, knowing He will take care of us and guide our steps.




“Even if I never get their approval,
And the words spoke just aren’t true,
I’m still holding on to You, God.

When the flashing lights go out,
Temporary comfort now brings doubt,
I’m holding on to You.

I’ll always hold on to You.”

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